I never thought that my situation was possible, especially with Apple, but it happened — Apple permanently blocked my account and bank card (blocking on the Apple side of course), which I used for online purchases.
Consider such risks when “buying” paid software and other services through Apple with an Apple ID link. In other situations, losses can be significant, sometimes accounts with software for > $ 20,000 are blocked. Here is an article on vc.ru about a similar case, but at least there is a more understandable reason for blocking.
How everything happened:
I wanted to buy an expensive paid program — I used the trial version and the deadline was coming to an end.
There was an ancient Gift card on my Apple ID account. I decided to spend money with an Apple ID. There was a suspicion that Apple could charge money from only one payment method.
There was a “sound” idea-first top up the Apple ID for the required amount and then buy the program.
You can put no more than 9000 at a time.
The first payment was completed, the second one was not — the error “Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed. Contact ITunes Store Support to complete this transaction”.
We resolved the issue with support and the second payment also passed.
The third payment was blocked again. Support said that it can’t help right now — we need to wait a day — some trigger has triggered and there will be some special check.
A day later, I was informed that the check decided that my bank card was blocked forever.
Then the account was also blocked: “You cannot login because your account has been locked. if you have any questions, contact Customer Support at https://…”
The decision is final and cannot be appealed, that’s all. Resolution from the center.
There are no explanations “from the center”, only comments from the Russian-speaking support that such operations are often recognized as fraudulent.
It is impossible to prove that I am not a fraudster.
All previously purchased applications in such situations burn out — you do not receive updates, you will not even be able to put them on a new device.
Everything continues to work for me, there are no problems to create a new account. I didn’t lose much. But the situation is inadequate.

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