Risk Free Hair Straightening: Beat The Split Ends!

If you want to straighten your hair at home do be aware that there is a risk of damage to the hair unless you are careful and consider the following

It is not funny if, in the course of trying to straighten your hair you inadvertently weaken or damage it through not doing it right. You need to know exactly how to do it.

Good looking hair is a fabulous asset, yet if not cared for it can deteriorate. A heavy-handed approach with a straightening iron can cause split ends and damage that could take some time for the hair to recover from.

Im going to tell you exactly what to do to prevent your hair from damages caused by improper use of hair straightening tools and lack of protection.

The first essential is to have good tools. If you are going to straighten your hair often then you should have good tools. A ceramic straightener is best, and for drying you need a good quality dryer with not only adequate heat output, but also a strong blowing action. Regular blow drying tends to dry out the hair so a weekly treatment of a product to prevent frizzled ends is a good idea.

A regular deep conditioning of the hair is also a good idea in order to keep it healthy, bouncy and shiny. A very good product that I use for this is Bonacure Q10 from Schwarzkopf.

After straightening use a wide-toothed comb along with a product to detangle. Its a very good idea to have a monthly trim in order to encourage your hair to grow healthily. In addition you should make sure you are drinking plenty of water on a daily basis.

Before carrying out straightening its necessary to protect the hair. A good product for this is Osis Slick flattening liquid and the Osis Flatliner..

After showering or washing your hair, wring it out to remove a lot of the water, and then towel dry as much as possible.

Apply a little of the straightening liquid before blow drying and in between drying with the towel. Its best to blow dry your hair by taking it one section at a time whilst using a flat brush. It might take a while to master the art of good hair straightening but its well worth it.

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