Reviews Of Alternative Medicine Schools

I spent numerous hours reading and research on the best natural healing colleges. I finally put together from my search three Alternative Medicine School Reviews.

The three online naturopathic colleges that offer holistic courses and degree programs are Clayton College of Natural Health, Global College of Natural Medicine, and the Natural Healing College.

Clayton College of Natural Health offers various degree programs in holistic health; the typical bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees are attainable. However, the school is limited when it comes to degree completion, as they only offer classes on a term by term basis, making it difficult for students to graduate at their own speed. They also have a high tuition rate, and seem to offer their students little opportunities after graduation. They do however, offer a ten percent decrease in tuition after a student graduates, but why would they want to keep going back to school if they’ve already earned a degree. Clayton College seems like it’s trying to take more from its students than it wants to give.

The Global College of Natural Medicine offers a typical range of degrees from bachelors to doctorate degrees; all the trademarks of an online school. Yet with a heavily overpriced tuition and a website that makes it look like you’re buying the first kit to a get rich quick scheme, how can prospective students consider applying to this school? The Application process is just another laboring and tiring thing about this college. Instead of having an online application form like most schools, they make you call or E-mail them so they can have one of their staff call you back. It really doesn’t make much sense. If this school wants more applicants they should consider becoming a bit more user friendly.

Finally, Natural Healing College soared above and beyond the other colleges. All the same trademarks are in place of typical holistic schools; bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees, yet the Natural Healing College is unique. They allow students to finish their degrees at their own pace—however fast or slow they want!

After graduation, students at the Natural Healing College have many opportunities for success. These graduates can take advantage of the hands on experience of an internship program or the job placement program that is available.

Tuition is not a problem at Natural Healing College either; it is quite affordable. Students have opportunities to get bonuses of up to fifty percent off original tuition rates. This is great for students looking for a reasonable rate when choosing colleges. To top all that, they even buy your books back when you’re done with them. This certainly does not feel like a “cash college,” if you ask me.

In conclusion Natural Healing College would be the best college to choose if one is going into the field of holistic medicine.

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