An important thing to consider is if web hosting comparison sites are reliable or not. This remains an open question. The truth is however if you follow some helpful research guides that can be found online, the process of choosing the best web host for you can only get easier. You may also find some real independent reviews helpful when looking for a web host. Called the “Top Ten Web Hosting” sites for comparing generally, below follow a list of the Best 5 web hosting review, rating, and comparison sites:

We feel this is the number one site because it offers up to date, trustworthy reviews about the best services. At this site you will be able to find, advice, discussion, and reviews of the web hosting services you are looking at and what news is available about them as well as getting advice on business web hosting, dedicated server hosting, e-commerce systems, hosting industry related news, and provider reviews.

You will be able to read independent reviews of the best ten web hosting providers who feature inexpensive services for web hosting at less than only $10 per month here, although I can not vouch for their reliability, really. All of the hosting plans that are discussed in the reviews will come with a free domain name and also provide a 30 day money back guarantee.

This site is an industry-specific place to find webhosting news items, facts and various types of relevant material. is a great community, every member cares about web hosting and anything to do with it, each of the community can write articles about web hosting and you can gain a wealth of knowledge through these and the comments they attract.

This is one of the most professional hosting review sites, as it offers a free guide that reviews the best hosting alternatives out there. The web hosts have been picked by the editors and then they are given an exhaustive review that evaluates the overall hosting experience.

You can expect to learn everything you need to about the web hosting sites named on this site, even though many of them may not be well known in the industry. However, some of the web hosting providers featured on are not well represented and without a face.

But, it is hard to seek entirely independent reviews of webhosting enterprises online. For this reason do not put all your faith in most of the reviews you read, use them to gain information but be sure to do as much research as possible when deciding upon the best provider for you.

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