Review of ZTE Blade A3 2020/2021 model

Review of ZTE Blade A3 2020/2021

Smartphone ZTE Blade A3 2020 primarily attracts its price. The device costs less than 5 thousand rubles, offering all the necessary functions to meet the needs of everyday use. Undemanding users who value practicality and do not want to overpay should definitely think about it.
ZTE Blade A3 (2020)

ZTE Blade A3 Appearance and assembly

The smartphone is made in the form of a classic monoblock with a removable battery, which is unusual in recent times. Under the cover is the battery itself, two SIM slots and a separate connector designed to expand the internal memory by installing a microSD card.

The smartphone went on sale in several colors, among which there are no classic options, but there is a bright red, dark gray and purple. The surface of the lid is made of glossy plastic, so it collects fingerprints very well. The most practical choice is the brightest red color, it is the least visible signs of use and small scratches.
ZTE Blade A3 (2020)
Other features of the design should be noted:

• the main camera unit is located at the top left and is well recessed into the housing, without protruding beyond the plane of the rear cover;
• the volume and power buttons are located on the right side, they are always painted black, regardless of the main body color;
• for charging and data transfer, a classic microUSB connector is used, installed in the center of the lower face;
* the ability to connect wired headphones is preserved.

Despite the wide frames on both sides, the model looks concise. The case feels monolithic, no gaps, the cover does not bend when pressed. Thanks to its small size, the phone is convenient to use with one hand.

ZTE Blade A3 2020/2021 Review

ZTE Blade A3 Screen

The smartphone received a 5.45-inch display with an 18:9 aspect ratio and an IPS matrix. The resolution was 1440×720 pixels, which is quite good for such sizes. Unfortunately, the low cost makes itself felt and on the street in the sun, the screen is not comfortable to use. There is a lack of maximum brightness.

The touch layer responds to clicks with minimal delays and does not cause inconvenience. The color reproduction is natural, and the clarity is enough to perform everyday tasks without harm to the eyes. In the settings, there are standard items for adjusting the color temperature, which do not significantly affect the operation.

ZTE Blade A3 Operating system and performance

On board the smartphone, the Android 9.0 operating system is installed. When you first turn on, you can find several pre-installed games, partner applications and branded utilities from ZTE. All this set has questionable benefits and only takes up space on the internal drive. Most of the software is allowed to be removed without hindrance.

The device is not designed to run demanding games and applications that work with 3D graphics. The main task of the phone is surfing the Internet, making calls, communicating in social networks and watching videos. Detailed specifications look like this:

* The central processor is the UNISOC SC9832E, which operates at a clock frequency of 1400 MHz;
* Graphics processing is handled by the Mali-T820 MP1 chip;
* the internal storage capacity is 32 GB;
* RAM installed 1 GB.

It should be understood that you can forget about multitasking because of the small amount of RAM. In turn, the processor copes with a number of undemanding applications and is able to ensure smooth operation of the device when solving everyday tasks. But the internal memory was not spared.

ZTE Blade A3 Camera Quality

The main module received a resolution of 8 Mp with an aperture of F/2.4. You can get a photo with an acceptable level of detail and clarity only if there is good lighting. Indoors and in the evening, the images are frankly bad, the contours of the objects are blurred, and it is not possible to read the inscriptions. Video recording is performed in FHD.

Revelations from the front camera at 5 MP should not be expected. You won’t be able to take a high-quality selfie. It will fit only for making video calls. Given the cost of the device, the cameras work out every ruble.
Network and working hours

The main feature of the smartphone is the support of the NFC module. With its help, you can exchange data between devices and make purchases with contactless payment by phone in one touch. Otherwise, there is a classic set of all wireless interfaces:

* Wi-Fi operating in the 2.4 GHz band;
* Bluetooth version 4.2 with a range of up to 10 meters;
* GPS module;
* 4G LTE, a technology that increases the speed and quality of mobile Internet.

The removable battery has a capacity of 2600 mAh with intelligent energy saving. In this mode, the system monitors the frequency of user interaction with a number of applications, while ensuring maximum performance. The most resource-intensive utilities are automatically closed and unloaded from the background.
ZTE Blade A3 (2020) Review)
What is the result

ZTE Blade A3 2020 is an inexpensive smartphone, when buying which you will have to make compromises and be content with weak cameras with low performance. At the same time, the device is equipped with a good IPS screen, NFC module and a good amount of internal memory. Competitors in the presented price category are not that much.

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