Review Of The Panasonic Real Pro Ultra EP30005 Shiatsu Massage Chair

If your home is your castle, then get the Panasonic EP-30005 massage chair as your throne. This luxury recliner comes with a host of therapeutic massage treatments. Everything is available at the touch of a button. Choose an automatic program and a full body massage begins. This model is not commonly found in the UK market. Yes, your home can be a castle with the Panasonic EP 30005 massage chair.

This model gives you better deeper tissue massage therapy than others of the Real Pro Ultra technology platform. It contains a special robotic massage technique that was not available in other Panasonic models. These specialized techniques deliver ultra deep massage experience.

There is a unique robotic massage roller which covers your back, neck and shoulders. It has a wide coverage range and also adjusts to three different intensity levels. Simply choose the massage program to best meet your needs.

One of the new features of this roller mechanism is that the head can move closer towards the person on the chair. In other words, the depth of the massage can be controlled. As you adjust the speed you can feel the change in the depth of the rollers.

One of the new massage modes is Junetsu. This specialized massage is good for relieving knots in your back. It is a technique that uses circular thumb-like movements. It increases pressure slightly to penetrate through the knot to relieve its tension.

You also find an air compression massage system. This delivers compression massage for the larger muscles of the body. This is a great way to relieve tension in the legs, hips and arms. There are specialized airbags that are contoured to fit different parts of the body.

There are automatic full body programs and also manual massage modes. Some of the manual modes are shiatsu, Swedish, fist kneading as well as grasping. Use these to target particular trouble spots. Each of these massage techniques provides a different set of benefits.

Another unique way that Panasonic make it easy for you is with some programming. This recliner will remember certain programs as you save them. You can remember programs for up to four different users. This makes it quick and easy to get your favourite massage fast.

There are advanced scanning technologies to provide a custom massage for you. The chair uses a three-dimensional scan of the back. This produces a virtual map of your spine. This information is then fed through the chairs computer to provide a custom massage.

Foot massage is an important aspect of relaxation. We hold a lot of tension in our feet. Foot reflexology is an excellent way to relieve tension and relax the body.

If your feet are tired, aching and sore then try the foot reflexology massage. This special massage has contoured airbags to squeeze and relieve your feet. Reflexology plates stimulate the soles of your feet. This is a relieving treatment.

This massage chair is nicknamed ultra deep. This is part of the technology used to adjust the rollers deeper through the muscle tissue. This specialized roller mechanism is not available in the other models from Panasonic.

There are a number of good features making the Panasonic EP 30005 massage chair a good value. There are quite a number of automatic massage programs as well as manual techniques. The air massage system is comprehensive and relieving. This massage chair is slightly smaller than others so try it before you buy the Panasonic EP-30005 massage chair.

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