Review Of The N-Strike Raider 35 From Hasbro

Many kids are bored out of their mind when they are inside. With nothing to do, the T.V., computer, and video games provide entertainment, but do not provide any physical exercise.

With a CS-35 loaded up and ready to go you can have fun chasing around a brother, sister, or friend and having an all out war. For any kid, this is much more fun than watching television.

You can’t do a lot of activities inside without breaking something. The darts used by these guns are soft, so they won’t break or damage anything. They also won’t hurt to get shot with.

The Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35 has a long body, kind of like a shotgun. To load it you pump it. The grip handle in the front is the pump, so when you pull it back and push it forward, it loads a foam dart into it.

If the Rapid Fire CS-34 is too short for comfort, you can lengthen the adjustable stock in the back. Another feature of this Nerf gun is that it holds 35 darts in a round drum magazine that also fits other clip fed Nerf guns. The magazine mounts to the side of the gun. You can shoot single shots, or shoot faster by continually pumping it.

Another feature of the CS-35 is that it has two tactical rails so you can add a site to the top, or change the stock. What many “nerfers” enjoy about this gun is the drum magazine because it holds 35 rounds. The 35 round magazine combined with the rapid fire feature allow you to shoot off a lot of foam darts.

One complaint by some users are that the large drum magazine mounted to the side makes it a little weird feeling to hold, because it messes with the weight.

All in all, this gun has several features. The two tactical rails let you change the stock or add a scope or other add on to it. You can snipe with single shots, or if the situation calls for it, you can shoot as fast as you can pump it.

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