Review Of M5000 DLX Massage Chair By Omega

The Omega M-5000 DLX is the subject of this product review and evaluation. Omega makes massage chairs that have advanced technology, therapeutic massage therapy and aesthetically pleasing designs. This review will cover the important features, functions and the warranty coverage for this high end massage chair recliner.

The warranty helps to offset the risk the consumer is taking in purchasing a manufactured product. Machines are made by humans and humans make mistakes. You want to get sufficient warranty coverage to protect your investment down the road.

The DLX has one of the most comprehensive manufacturers warranties on the market today. Omega gives you 5 years on the frame, both 3 years for parts and labor, 1 year of parts shipping and 90 days in home technician service. Omega provides you with strong warranty coverage to ensure many years of relaxation and enjoyment.

There are some fantastic massage therapies with the M5000. Select one of the 5 automatic programs. Choose the neck and shoulders for a wonderful massage to loosen those tight areas and invigorate your senses. There are 4 manual massage techniques to choose from with finger press, kneading, tapping and combination kneading/tapping. You can also change the strength or intensity of the massage to 3 increasing levels.

We really like the shoulder and neck massage in the DLX. It is hands above the rest. There some techniques that are just used in this massage. Omega will not reveal the programming that went into these massages, but they are tremendous. We enjoy the changes in the motions and how they naturally cohere into a very invigorating and penetrating massage. This is an excellent massage if you have tightness in the neck and shoulders.

The M5000 comes with an air massage system for the lower body. The lower body air massage covers the buttocks, thighs, calves and feet. The air compression is soothing and relieving with the gentle or firm setting. The foot massage comes with reflexology nodes. The airbags activate around the tops of the feet with a firm hold and then the reflexology nodes gently push up into the trigger points of the feet. The reflexology massage helps to relax the major organs of the body and induces full body relaxation.

The M 5000 comes with many designer touches to enhance the appeal of this massage recliner. Omega uses top grain ox hide leather for all the upholstery. The armrests come with highly varnished real wood. The remote control has advanced features like the back lit LCD. There are 5 auto programs that start with the touch of one button. The manual controls are tucked away in a concealed side panel.

One feature you do not see in the top brands is music. Afterall, a massage chair is there to help you relax. Music is one of the best methods to take your mind off the day and to relax. Omega understands this and incorporates an MP3 player for your enjoyment. Simply install the included USB stick into the USB port and put on the included headphones and drift off into higher levels of relaxation than you thought you could achieve.

The M5000 DLX delivers very effective and therapeutic massage therapies. It can provide excellent deep penetration of the back and soothing lower body massages. The addition of music helps to relax the mind and provides for a much fuller experience. This massage recliner comes with great warranty protection. This is an attractive massage chair with ox hide leather and highly varnished wood armrests. This is definitely a solid massage chair in the higher end range of the massage chair market.

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