Retinal Migraine – Treat It Fast!

One-third of the population globally are afflicted with migraines of various types. Generally, there are roughly seven to eight types of migraine headaches, some of which are retinal, tension, menstrual and cluster. Retinal migraine is unique compared to other migraine types since the migraineur hardly develop head pains during its attack. It’s also referred to as ocular migraines and it is medically defined as an ailment where repeated episodes of visual disruptions occur.

Just like any other types of migraine headaches, retinal migraines may be prompted by different factors. These headache episodes usually last for 4 to 72 hours. Popular activators are caffeine, stress and allergies. A migraneur must be aware of these factors to prevent further development of headaches.

Signs and symptoms of retinal migraine are basically manifested in the eyes. Pain is usually monocular or in layman’s term, it affects one eye at a time. You may also experience scintillations or seeing twinkling lights, temporary blindness and holes in the field of vision. No need to worry that much because these symptoms are reversible.

Scientific studies strongly tell that family history is very much likely to cause the occurrence of retinal migraine. Nausea or vomiting, and light headedness might also be one of its associating symptoms. It is important to discontinue activities temporarily just like driving or managing machines during a retinal migraine to prevent additional injury.

There is still no diagnostic test especially made to diagnose retinal migraines. Most doctors would tend to conduct a comprehensive history instead to gather important cues that may be of help in the diagnosis of retinal migraines. Moreover, the diagnosis is not limited to migraines itself since it may be brought about by other eye disorders that is why it should be diagnosed appropriately.

To avoid misdiagnosis and some other medical mishaps, go to a doctor that you’re sure of being dependable, your family physician perhaps. He can then recommend you to a specialist or a neurologist which has more practical experience in treating ailments involving the brain. Most of these doctors understand what beneficial treatment matches your case.

There can be drugs designed to avert development of migraine problems. These medication treatments could be categorized into 2, the non prescription and prescription medicines. However, natural alternate options are likewise available to facilitate in reducing pain by means of basic first-aid remedies.

One example of natural alternative is through the use of moist cloth. Consider placing a cold moist cloth above the eyes until relief is felt. It may take you 10 to 20 minutes doing this. All natural alternatives may not guarantee a hundred percent relief to all nevertheless, they are indeed effective and very affordable.

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