Restaurant Capital: Obtaining Working Capital With A Business Cash Advance

Restaurants are considered to be a part of the largest risk business ideas. This makes it painstakingly difficult for a new culinary entrepreneur to acquire needed restaurant capital, both when opening the business and when growth or repairs are warranted. A entrepreneur could wait weeks or even months to hear something from the traditional bank, and in the meanwhile, the business could possibly flounder.

An additional option for obtaining restaurant capital is a merchant loan or business cash advance. These financing products fall into the category of credit card receivables factoring. Credit card factoring is a practice whereby a third party offers the entrepreneur funds in exchange for a lower rate on future credit card revenues. That translates as follows: the credit card factoring lender will provide you with funding in exchange for a portion of your anticipated Visa-MasterCard revenues in the future.

Approval is readily available within a day or two and the cash is in your possession within about 10 working days – often less. No collateral is needed because the product is based upon anticipated transactions.

Because the pay back amount is tied to actual revenues, a bad month’s business does not require “creative bookkeeping” to manage a predetermined payment amount. The one stipulation is that the entrepreneur must stick to the predetermined contract or the small business owner can be held liable for repayment.

The fact is that many merchants, especially beginners, simply cannot meet the qualification criteria set forth by the conventional banking industry. This does not necessarily mean that the small business owner is performing badly or that the entrepreneur isn’t trustworthy.

Frequently the only issue is the fact that the business is too new and has not had the time to establish a long reputation and credit score. Acquiring restaurant capital through a merchant account financing agreement makes good business sense in these types of circumstances.

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