A reseller hosting is a very new and attractive business opportunity emerging in the business world. In a very short span of time, if you want to earn a good amount of net profit then you can get a lot of scope with reseller web hosting business.

Now let’s understand how the reseller web hosting works? Well if you are into the business of reseller hosting then, as the name suggests, you need to resell the same product to your clients which you have already purchased from another company. Here, the product is web space. You will purchase web space at a very nominal price from the original organization. And, for this you will just have to pay the whole sale price, with it you will be offered various extra services and facilities.

Once you purchase the web space all you have to do is search for your customers. Your customers will be those people who have got their own website and are looking for web space. Here, you will sell a certain part of the web space that you have purchased. However, at the same time you will sell the same web space at a very high price. As the original company is not dealing with the clients so you can charge a high price as you are the middle person.

Let’s take up a small example. If you are a running a reseller web hosting business, so from the original company you have to buy a certain amount of web space, say here it is 1000MB. To buy this web space you had to pay $30 per month to the original company. Now, once you have purchased the web space of 1000MB you can further segregate this space into 10 small parts of 100MB each and sell them to the customers at $20 per month.

So now if you calculate, you will see that at the end of the month you are just paying $30 to get the web space. But, from each of the clients you are earning $20 per month. So, if you have 10 clients then at the end of the month you will earn $200. So, overall here you are earning a profit of $170.

If you are into reseller hosting business then you have to be always in touch with your customers as well as the original company. Here, according to the need of your clients you can change the plan and satisfy their requirements.

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