Replica Oakleys – Who Is Buying Them And Why?

With the high price of designer sunglasses comes a demand for affordable replica Sunglasses. This comes as no surprise that there is a very high demand for replica Oakleys. That said there are some key issues that one needs to realize about buying a piece of replica eye wear:

-Inferior quality of material -Substandard designing of the frames -Fake claims, like photo-chromatic ability etc.

The prime concern of companies who sell Foakleys is maintain the similar look as the original Oakley. They offer no guarantee that the replica pair will last as long as the original.

Replica Oakley dealers will save a large amount of money on research and this will lower the cost of the replica items. What the manufacturer will do is go down to the Oakley store and buy a few pairs of the original shades. Then they will take that pair to the factory where it will be cloned, and cloned again. This will produce a very visually appealing, price conscious sunglass. You can then purchase the sunglasses on the internet, at the beach or on street corners. Customers must be aware that you get what you pay for and the fact that they look like the original does not mean they will hold themselves to the quality as the original.

Majority of fake Oakley buyers are students, who may do have much money to spend on an original pair of Oakleys, but still want to look fashionable enough. Even sports lovers and adventure enthusiasts like to buy these types of sunglasses, to combat the heat of the sun during their sports or other adventure activities.

The cheap replicas may momentarily increase the sales of Oakley brands, but they often cut into the businesses of originals. In fact, the sale of cheap sunglasses is ‘damaging’ to the manufacturers of the original brand. More so because most of the buyers cannot distinguish the fake from the original. At times, the big brands may curtail the entries of new products in the market, and the replica manufacturers are left with no new designs to replicate.

But since the consumer who is willing to buy replicas will probably not buy the original anyway, many would argue that that there is no harm done by selling replicas.

No doubt cheeps lend a temporary jubilation of purchase because of the cheap price, but the protection to the eyes from UV rays is also too less.

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