Replacing CRM with CDP. What is the difference?

The trend of e-commerce development leads to the fact that business refuses to attract new consumers. This is both costly and long. A new trend is collecting data about current customers. Brands create virtual avatars of their customers. This is not only a portrait of the client, but also features of his behavior in the network, communication channels with the store on different sites.

Classic CRM systems do not allow you to keep records of virtual user activity, so large brands are switching to CDP platforms. What is the difference between a CRM system and a CDP platform?

Customer Relationship Management

In the CRM system, you create a card with customer data, inside which you record every interaction with them. But this site is not suitable for collecting a large amount of data from different sources.

Customer Data Platform

CDP platforms combine user data from different sources: online channels, offline points of sale, files from any databases. Some systems analyze what time it is necessary to communicate with users so that they do not switch to churn – they stop being customers of the company.

If the user does not buy anything for a certain time, most likely, he will not return. To re-attract it, you need to spend significant funds. The term “churn” can be understood as writing off the user for scrap. CDP platforms will help you predict how long it will be useless to spend time and money on re-attracting a client. It is also possible to analyze through which advertising channel you need to contact the user so that he does not go to churn.

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