Renault Group Sold 21.6% More Cars In 2010 – The Key Is Now Duster

Renault Group sold 21.6% more cars in 2010 than in the first six months of 2009. Dacia Duster has already received 35,500 orders, 25,000 came from France.

After suffering from the crisis in the first half of 2009, Renault gives strong signs of recovery, the growing in global for the group being more than 20%. The exact percentage is 21.6%, Group officials announcing that the new target for full year 2010 is an increase of 8%, in despite of the European level which will be decreased by 7-9%. Overall, the Renault Group sold 1.326 million cars worldwide during Jan-Jun 2010.

Renault’s worldwide growth is higher than the industry’s average, which the Group estimates like 16%. Furthermore, encouraging for the group based in France is that sales volume in the first half of 2010 is higher than the first half of 2008, a year in which the crisis emerged only to fall.

On a European market that has grown very little (+1.5%), Renault brands reached +21.6%. Secrecy: different dealers for Renault and Dacia in western markets. “In France, where the Dacia brand is the fourth volume of sales for individuals, showrooms are already separate, and next year we will open new outlets Exclusive Dacia”, said Bernard Cambier, commercial director at Renault France, which says Renault the entire network in Europe will be modified after this model.

A very important market for Renault remains Romania. Although significantly decreased, the domestic market allowed the Renault Group to reach an impressive market share by 41.9%. “The situation will not improve at all in circumstances where VAT was increased to 5% recently”, said Renault officials.

Although increased by 21.7% worldwide, Renault is based on a difficult second semester , which will stop the increase starting with the first six months. “Given the trend since April when the first of cassation of european markets were interrupted, perhaps we will assist to a probably growth setback. Kickback from Germany is stronger than we expected, and a stronger growth in Portugal markets in Spain too and England also have resisted well”, said Jerome Stoll, deputy commercial director of the Renault Group.

According to data provided by Renault, the period of time of already covered in orders during the second half of the year accounted for 1.7 months, Dacia Duster becaming a model that orders covers already a period of two to three months. Duster received by the end of June 35,500 orders, 25,000 of which were recorded in France.

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