Remarkable View Of San Diego Golf Courses

The game of golf is very popular and is enjoyed by thousands of people. Women and men can appreciate the skill that goes into this game. Being outside on a gorgeous day and playing a game of golf with friends is great feeling. The cool air and freshly cut grass all add to the appeal of being on a golf course. One cannot have a love for the game without visiting a San Diego golf course.

The weather in San Diego makes golfing anytime enjoyable. There is not much rain or heat in San Diego which makes it ideal for many amateur and professional golfers. The temperature hardly ever gets above 75 degrees. The 10 inch rain mark means that getting rained out while golfing is not even a possibility. Because of this there are many well known courses in San Diego.

The Riverwalk Course has protected bent grass so it is free from the harm of golfers. The course also offers an impressive waterfall. Ted Robinson Sr, a well known golf course designer, created this course. The location is perfect for tourists who love golf because of the close proximity of the airport. A golf school, a driving range with lights and a restaurant are part of this experience.

Golfers like to go to the Rancho Bernardo Inn. Despite being open to the general public, this course also has PGA and LPGA events. Golfers can get help from PGA golfers to help improve their game. For those who run out of golf tees, there is full golf shop housed on the property. Next to the course, there is one of the best Mexican restaurants in the city.

There is another great course at Temecula Creek Inn. It offers golfers a unique 27 championship hole course. It is also located in the wine country of Southern California. It boasts a great view of the hills and other remarkable scenery. The course also has dramatic elevation changes which could add to the challenge of this course. The course was given four stars recently by Golf Digest as one of the best course on which to play.

The San Diego Tribune gave the number one golf course award to the Sycuan Golf Resort. There is a lot of territory for golfers to improve their craft because this course is almost 425 acres. Many tournaments in the PGA, LPGA, USGA, and SCGA have called this course home over the years. The location of the course is good because it is located only 25 miles northeast of downtown San Diego. An eighteen hole mini course is a part of the fun while golfing on at this location.

The most unique course is the Maderas Golf Club. Rock cliffs, creeks, waterfalls and forests are all a part of the green on this course. Johnny Miller, a retired PGA tournament golfer designed this course. This course is especially remarkable because it takes advantage of the natural landscape and incorporates it into the course. The changes in scenery make this course exhilarating to golfers who want to improve.

Those who love the game should take a trip to a San Diego golf course because of the great variety in courses. Many amateur and professional golfers have found great amusement at the challenging courses offered. Most of the courses in this city have received some sort of award. There are lots of restaurants and hotels to accommodate the golfers while they enjoy a few rounds.

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