Lighting a cigar is something of an art. Improperly-lighting a stogie can compromise the taste and, potentially, can ruin what would otherwise be a fine smoke. Oftentimes, the problem comes down to the lighter used. Cigar lighters have specific characteristics that make them better suited to the task than a standard cigarette lighter. Principally, the wider flame area means that the tobacco is torched more evenly and that the cigar starts burning correctly from the moment it’s first puffed.

To fix an improper light, the first task is usually to even out the ember. The last thing one wants out of a fine cigar is an uneven burn. To correct an improper light where part of the cigar is burning but the rest isn’t, simply hold the lighter to the unlit portion for a second without puffing. Alternately, one may blow on the foot of the cigar to even out the ember and to provide a proper burn.

While some purists prefer to use cedar strips to light their cigars, there are many fine butane lighters on the market that are specifically manufactured to light a stogie. They generally feature a wider flame area which helps to provide a more even light. More expensive models, such as cigar cutter lighters, are provided with tools attached that eliminate the necessity to carry several implements around.

Remember that a good burn starts with proper technique. The cigar must be warmed before it is lit by being held a bit above the flame and rotating the cigar. If the cigar has to be stubbed out and relit, repeat this process to make certain that the burn takes more evenly on the second light. One relights the cigar exactly as they would properly light a cigar from the start: warm the tobacco and rotate the cigar over the flame as one puffs.

If one is very much a cigar aficionado, one owes it to themselves to purchase a proper cigar lighter. These are available with attachments that make it more convenient to smoke when away from home. For example, one may purchase a cigar lighter with cutter implements attached which can ensure that one receives an even draw off of their cigar every time and which can eliminate the need to correct a poor light or to relight a stogie altogether when it is burning unevenly.

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