One thing we know about relationships for certain, is that they take some effort to maintain. It really doesn’t matter what type of relationship it is or with whom, it is important to pay attention and nurture it. We have selected five tips to help improve the quality of the relationships. If you find some you like, implement them. Remember, nothing really happens until you take action.

1. Ensure proper communication. Without a doubt, the most common cause of a relationship starting to fail or getting in trouble, is a lack of communication skills. It is absolutely necessary to be communicating with each other. Do not fall into the habit of assuming you know what the other person wants, or assuming they know what you need. You must be talking to each other. Mind readers exist only in fiction.

2. Maintain your identity. One of the biggest peace mistakes people make in relationships is the concept of molding themselves to please the other person. Having to put on a mask for another person, or act differently to suit their desires or demands creates a lot of stress and tension. In the long run, it cannot be maintained over time. To try to act, or be forced to be inconsistent with your own values and personality is a recipe for disaster.

3. Develop listening skills. This quality is consistently among the highest rated on any list of desirable qualities in a person. It is very flattering to know that you are being heard. Aside from speaking, it is the other part of good communication. If a person is constantly interrupting another person or trying to think about what to say next when someone is talking, they are not truly listening. They cannot hear what is being communicated. Listening well is certainly one of the most attractive qualities you can possess and it can be easily developed.

4. Practice flexibility. Sometimes we act as if the whole world revolves around us, that simply is not true. Sometimes our expectations of people, places, and things, just will not be met no matter how hard we want them to be. Sometimes things just simply don’t work out. In case it is very important to be flexible and keep options open. It is unrealistic to think that everything will happen the way we wanted to, so don’t be surprised when it doesn’t work out that way. Cheerfully embrace the alternative.

5. Become more tolerant. Everybody is a unique personality; there are some things you may thoroughly enjoyed about a person and some things you may dislike. If you are becoming annoyed at the habits of another person, ask yourself in the grand scheme of the universe, how important is it really? If everyone were identical, the world would be a very boring place. Lighten up a little bit, give yourself, and everyone around you, a break.

There is a worldview that states a person’s success is not measured so much by power, prestige, and possessions. Instead, a much better measure of success is to look at the quality of relationships present in a person’s life.

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