Reintroducing The Buck 119 Special Knife

The Buck brand of knives goes back a long time. It seems like every family has a Buck knife that has passed from generation to generation out on the trails, out on the range, or out on the hunt. The Buck 119 Special continues that long tradition, exemplifying many of the design qualities that helped to establish and maintain that tradition. It is a simple but versatile design that functions well in a wide range of applications. Everyone knows this knife, but it is time to take another look at everything this knife is and does.

A long time best seller for Buck, the 119 Special is also probably their most classic design featuring a six inch 420HC stainless steel clip point style blade with a handsome blood groove. The handle is made of hard to wear out phenolic and provides a solid non-slip grip. The finger guard and butt are made of high quality and lite weight polished aluminum.

If you’re interested in making precise cuts in tight places the 119 Special’s clip point style blade can get the job done. The blade sharpens well enough to do quality dress out jobs, but is also durable enough to withstand a bit of abuse without losing to much performance value. Cutting kindling for a fire or chopping through a bone shouldn’t be a problem with the 119 Special

The 119 Special has a tougher than nails phenolic handle that while extremely durable, if not unbreakable, still provides a solid, non-slip gripping surface. The handle gives the knife much of its weight which is just right to provide a balanced feel in your hand.

The sheath is solidly built with a sturdy button down latch and a belt loop. The belt loop is adequate to get the job done and the latch is reliable and tough. Also, the inside of the sheath is lined with plastic so that you don’t cut up the sheath while taking the knife in and out.

One of the best qualities of the 119 Special is its light weight–only ten and one half ounces including the sheath. Its lite weight, combined with its durability and diverse functionality make the 119 Special an excellent choice as a survival tool. It can be used for hunting, cooking, cutting wood, and making shelters.

So when you’re looking for a new knife, consider an old classic that has gotten the job done for generations–the Buck 119 Special. Its versatility, durability, and high degree of functionality will have you remembering why every guy you knew as a child had one.

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