Reform To Health Care And Changes To Expect

One of the primary concerns that came out of every reform introduced by the White House is that the wealthy come out on the short end. For some reason, new bills always seem to depend on the wealthy to pay more and do more. For affluent people, this is a serious issue in that not everyone was born with a silver spoon in the mouth. Some rich people started out poor and worked long, hard years to build an empire so they feel they are being unfairly affected.

Because of this, most people are questioning whether this change to health care will ultimately be beneficial or disastrous. As a part of the health care reform, changes are being made to people and programs, to include affluent families, singles, and even changes to Medicaid and Medicare.

Obviously, the millions of people without insurance need coverage but questions have surfaced as to how being forced to purchase a policy is going to be beneficial. After all, people are already strapped for money due to a struggling economy.

However, to enjoy the benefits coming from the Medicaid program, a strict income requirement was set but this was extremely low. This meant that millions of people still under or at poverty level were not considered eligible for Medicaid coverage. Now, the changes to Medicaid under this new health care reform will increase income restrictions, thereby opening doors for assistance to more people all over the nation.

Major changes to Medicaid have not been seen since 1965 so this is a big deal and then considering that the changes are unlike anything else every passed into law it will be interesting to see exactly how this plays out. One concern that Medicaid had was providing health care to so many more people and only having a limited number of free clinics. Obviously, if millions of people will now qualify for Medicaid, there has to be more facilities.

Keep in mind that community health centers are not-for-profit organizations, meaning they get funding from the public. With the current economy and now people being mandated to buy health care insurance or be penalized the question was raised as to where the public was going to get money to build more health centers to accommodate the millions of people who will start receiving Medicaid. The answer is that as a part of the new health care reform, $11 billion will be provided to these centers so more buildings can be constructed but also so more employees can be hired and equipment/supplies purchased.

One final note specific to health care changes for affluent families – although no one can predict how this new health care reform will impact the United States long-term, experts do agree that the cost of health insurance will likely start to decline for higher-income employees working for smaller companies.

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