Redecorating Your Kid’s Bedroom With Surfboard Decorations

If you are looking for a cool and fun theme for your kid’s room and they love summer vacation at the beach or are a surfing fan, then you can’t go wrong with surfboard decorations. It brings life and color to the room as well a unique feel to the room, not the regular cartoon characters or Superheroes that seem to be in most kids’ rooms today.

You will of course need a surfboard or two; you can’t have a surfing theme without one. You can find used ones that are cheap at local surf shops or flea markets. Make a shelf on the wall with one with a few brackets or turn an old desk into something fun by replacing the top with a surfboard. If your child is a surfer, hang their board on the wall for when they are not using it and in the off season it decorates the room.

Turn the walls into their own ocean, complete with a few crashing waves, with a bit of blue and white paint. After painting the walls an ocean blue, sweeping the brush up the wall with white paint will give you the wave effect. Using rag painting will give you some smaller waves and if you are not comfortable with large strokes, then this may be the best option for you. When you choose curtains, keep them light and airy, white with straight lines would complement the walls nicely.

If you have some beach towels lying around, they are not only the perfect touch but can add the right amount of color. Hang these on the walls or even use one to reupholster a small chair or desk chair in your kid’s room.

Posters are a great addition, especially if they have a favorite surfer that they look up to or even ones of crashing waves or beaches. But what can really stand out are some beach signs, new and old. You can find replica vintage beach signs at many online shops today or at a local surf shop to really add some character to your surfer decor.

Add a bit of fun with novelty items. You can find a variety of different surf and beach related items that would match the room perfectly. A surfboard print light switch plate, a surfboard shaped wall clock and a few surfboard wall hooks for their coats and hats are just a few of the very cool things out there to choose from.

Bedding today is all about themes and pulls a room together nicely. You’ll find there will be a large selection for you to choose from in many different colorful or even subtle designs. Let your son or daughter pick out their favorite here, whether it is surfboards, a beach scene or even their favorite surfer.

There are many different ways to add Uk marriage visa surf decorations to a room to make it stunning and fun. And, after you are done, your kid will feel like it is summertime already and be ready to grab his board and head out to catch a wave. To get started, research online to find the newest Uk marriage visa tropical decorating items.

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