Recommended Cold Sores Treatment

Oral herpes, fever blisters are all various names given to the same ailment – cold sores which give rise to painful reddish blisters filled with fluid all around the mouth, lips and nose of a person. A cold sore occurs as a result of a viral infection, simplex type 1 (HSV-1) virus, which is contagious and stays life long in the human body. The virus can attack any time giving rise to ugly sores on the lips, nose or mouth and causing pain and misery with it.

These sores itch and burn and it is immensely painful to endure them. How should one get the cold sore treatment then?

Having cold sores can be likened to having children around you. They will stick with you lifelong with the difference of no teenage rebel and childhood poop stories. While it is difficult to prevent cold sores it is possible to contain the attack, in the sense that the length and the intensity of the attack can be controlled but cold sore treatment does not promise a complete sudden return to better health.

One of the best anti viral medication for the cold sore treatment would be acyclovir, also known in the market as Zovirax. Why Acyclovir? For the simple reason that it diminishes the tenure of the infection considerably, which is to suggest nearly 60% and ensures that, it does not get spread further to other areas of the body. Cold sores are extremely contagious in nature, just like reality TV and immense care, by patients, have to be taken so that the fluid or any property must not reach other sensitive organs of.

As a patient of a cold sore, one has to have an uptight personal hygiene and care regime and ensure that hands are washed regularly and do not come in too much of contact with the infected areas. The medication acyclovir can be used either as an internal medication or as an external application and some doctors may suggest both methods for quick and faster recovery.

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