Reasons Why Fiberglass Entry Doors Are Popular These Days

Mention front doors and three common materials will come to mind: steel, wood and fiberglass. Architects and homeowners opt for steel doors for security and economical reasons. They opt for wood doors, on the other hand, for timeless appeal. However, choosing fiberglass entry doors got far more advantages over those other two materials.

Several years ago, it’s true that doors out of fiberglass looked very much like bathtubs or boats than doors. However, technology changed all that. There are those that offer the look of real wood, such as oak, mahogany and others. But the best part is they don’t carry the disadvantages of installing entry doors made out of wood.

When it comes to providing utmost security, many people will immediately think steel doors. But did you know they’re fabricated out of thin sheets? That even a knife or any pointed object can pierce through them? The fact is fiberglass entry doors can equal or exceed the amount of security steel ones can yield. They’re more resistant to break-ins. Plus most of them carry with them additional safety features.

Among all three types of materials, wooden doors are the most expensive and steel doors are the cheapest. Entry doors out of fiberglass are right in the middle all right. But the advantages they can provide you with are never average. Such doors can hold up to extreme weather. Unlike wooden ones, they won’t warp, crack and rot through the passing of time. Unlike steel ones, they won’t dent or rust.

The money saving features of going for fiberglass entry doors don’t end with their being competitively priced. The need for cooling and heating systems is significantly reduced, so your monthly utility bills are kept to a minimum. Fiberglass helps keep heat out during hot days, while it helps keep heat in during cold days. There’s minimal need for air conditioning and heating because of the entry doors’ impressive insulating features.

Everyone these days knows the importance of saving the environment. The use of fiberglass means no tress are cut, which can take several years to be replaced. Also, the manufacturing of doors out of such material uses the least amount of energy compared to others.

Going for fiberglass entry doors is a wise investment as they provide lots of advantages. They dish out a blend of stability, security, beauty and economical features. It’s quite understandable why many homeowners and decorators alike choose fiberglass doors over counterparts such as wood and steel.

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