Reasons To Utilize A Fax To Email Solution To Replace A Traditional Fax Machine?

A short twenty years ago there was no such service as fax to email. We first needed the Internet to become an daily necessity for this to happen. What benefits can such a service hold for a small business or an individual?

Incoming faxes free of charge:

You do not pay anything for incoming faxes. There’s no per fax fee involved and you don’t pay a monthly subscription either. In the old days many small businesses had to make use of an external company to receive faxes on their behalf and print them at quite a substantial fee.

Improved privacy

If you regularly receive faxes of a private nature, you will know how embarrassing it is to have it arrive at the fax machine and everyone seeing the contents. With a fax to email service, the fax gets delivered to your private email inbox, and only you are aware of its contents.

Faxes stored electronically:

The format for incoming faxes will be electronic. Of course you can still print them after they have arrived, but you don’t need to. You can regularly backup your whole email inbox. Most email packages also allow you to create folders, so you can file the faxes into the relevant folders as they arrive.

Cut printing costs:

With an old-fashioned fax machine every fax has to be printed so you can have a copy. Experience has no doubt taught you that less than half of all faxes really need to be printed, but what else could you do? With an electronic solution you only need to print the couple of faxes of which you need paper copies – the others can simply be filed electronically.

Access faxes from anywhere:

With a fax to email solution you no longer have to wait beside your fax machine for that important fax to come in. You can retrieve it whenever you have the time at any location around the world where you have email access.

Fax lines never engaged:

With an electronic fax system that delivers faxes to your email, your fax line will never be engaged. You can receive multiple faxes at the same time. In fact, everyone in your company who has an email address can have his or her own fax number.

Dedicated fax number:

If your company should move to another town or suburb, it often means changing the fax number. With a fax to email solution this will never be necessary – you will retain your fax number even if you move to the other side of the country.

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