Relocation. This is common anywhere in the world. Some will sell their houses and buy another in some other places.

There are many reasons why individual, families or businessmen transfer their residences and business establishments. To find better and comfortable homes, peaceful area or to transfer a business place because of a good market location, or some are just forced to do so because they don’t own the land and house they are presently living.

In a study, 16 percent of the population of the United States relocates every year, and that is estimated to be approximately 43 million people. And most of the people do that are the young adults compared to the older ones. The age and status of a person could be a few factor of a high percentage of relocation. Single and divorced people tend to relocate than those who are widowed.

Of these movers, figures point to 19 percent being blacks, 20 percent Asians and Hispanics, and 19 percent being white.

Reasons for relocating vary between age groups. Factors that influence relocation include age, race, and social and economic status. People renting are more likely to relocate compared to people who own homes and comprise around 52 percent of the total population of movers.

Approximately twenty five percent of the total population in the US who experience changes in family situation relocates. On the other hand, those relocating either for employment or self-employment reasons cover thirty one percent.

When teens go off to college then they are more likely to relocate. When a person’s educational level increases, that person is more likely to move due to better job opportunities.

Although relocating to a new place might be stressful and sad, many people still find it exciting. When you move, there are new people to meet and places to see and enjoy. For many, it symbolizes leaving the past behind and starting a new and better journey.

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