Reasons, Indications And Treatment Of Scabies

Scabies is caused by a little parasite which has eight legs. It is an extremely contagious skin infection. The condition is carried by the female mite who is approximately 0.35 mm long. Male mites are generally half the size of the females.

It has been known that these attacks become widespread easily and hospitals and nursing homes could become seriously infected. It is rife in the homeless population however it knows no social or economic bounds.

The condition is transmitted via human skin on skin contact. The mites usually survive for two and a half days if it can feed off a human body. An important need for the dispersal of this mite is through extended personal interaction. Many people will avoid hand-shaking or the use of their clothing if it has been around infected people however it is not possible for it to be spread in that way simply because of the limited survival period. If you share bed linens that were used the day before by an infected person, you will not be infected because of the survival time away from the host. Scabies is very simply transferred from one sexual mate to another and is sometimes thought to be a STD (sexually transmitted disease). Close body touching between child and parents can also be a cause.

Animals will not spread the infestation to humans as the infection that they contract is a distinctly different one and it is unable to survive on human skin. The only symptom will be slight itchiness of your skin.

The condition will produce a rash of undersized red swellings in addition to blisters on certain sections of the body. These will be situated around your knees, on the back part of your elbows, the area between your fingers and sometimes surrounding the nipples and on the foot sides and backs. Although there may be a multitude of swellings present, there is not necessarily a mite in every one. Normally you will be able to find about fifteen mites in the swellings. Very young kids and babies will normally show these swellings on the palms of their hands or on the face and neck. The same area infestation is not the case in adults.

The symptoms of scabies may not become visible for about 2 months after the infestation has taken place however transfer of the condition can be spread during this time. The itch caused by the condition will become relentless and will worsen during the night. It will start as a soft itch and will become more severe until it reaches the point where it is extremely difficult to sleep.

The common treatment for the infection is by prescribing drugs. Medicines which can be bought from pharmacies or supermarkets are generally very ineffective. Lotions and creams which act as anti parasite medications are available. To keep the spread at bay, your clothes should be cleaned in hot water. The treatment of furniture is unnecessary because the mite cannot survive away from the host for long periods of time. The treatment of relatives as well as sexual lovers is also imperative.

Treatment will take a few days to be effective. If scabies symptoms have not disappeared after a couple of weeks you should have the diagnosis of it looked at as there could be another problem that is preventing the successful treatment of it.

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