Razer will release “smart” protective masks with a voice amplifier and a fan at the end of 2021

The mask will be added to the internal illumination, so that the interlocutors can more easily distinguish the facial expressions of a person.

The “smart” mask of Project Hazel will be available on the Razer website in the fourth quarter of 2021, said the company’s CEO Ming-Liang Tan.
The company first introduced the “smart” mask in January 2021. The mask will have a fan that filters up to 95% of harmful particles, a microphone with a voice amplifier, a transparent case, a backlight, replaceable filters and a device for fast wireless charging and quick sterilization.
The mask will be added to the interior lighting, so that it is better to see the facial expressions of a person, and an anti-fog coating on the inside.
On Instagram, you can “try on” Project Hazel before the release using a mask.

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