Rattan Cube Garden Furniture For Outdoor Living

Outdoor furniture can make an interesting statement regarding the homeowner. It can say warm and inviting or it can exude a cold, utilitarian feel. Rattan cube garden furniture combines the warm look of rattan with a sleek, modern styling not found in many backyards or patios.

Plastic and wood patio furniture used to be the only two styles that could hold up under outdoor weather conditions. Wood ones looked bulky and heavy while the plastic ones simply were not very comfortable for any length of time. The rattan furniture sets that can be found are so well designed that they can be used outdoors or even inside if necessary.

Natural rattan, while very beautiful, does have its issues with the elements, as does any natural material. The new rattan sets are constructed with a synthetic material that looks exactly like rattan but holds up under the most severe of weather conditions. This means that regular exposure to sun and rain will cause less damage than if the set was made from natural materials, thereby extending its lifespan.

The cube design means that storage issues for garden furniture becomes outdated. The table and chairs are designed to fit together, with the chairs going completely underneath the table to protect them and make the entire set take up less room. There are some sets that have footstools for added comfort and these too, fit under the chairs and table.

These furniture sets look great no matter which part of the yard they are used in. They will accommodate four to six people, depending on the size purchased and all the chairs come with matching cushions for ultimate comfort. This means that having a BBQ or outdoor dinner can last as long as you like without the guests becoming restless due to uncomfortable seating.

The outdoor designer will find these sets in a wide range of colors and styles to match any scheme they may have in mind. While the cushions are designed to accent the chairs and table, custom ones can be ordered if desired. The manufacturer’s website will have a section that outlines the procedure for this.

This rattan cube garden furniture can be used either outdoors as it was intended or can even be placed indoors as a unique addition to a home. With all the colors and styles, the homeowner is sure to find one that appeals. The unique storage ability of these sets makes them perfect for any area inside or outside the home.

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