Quickly Fix Windows Installer Problems

There’s no doubt you are familiar with Windows and the issues in using it. Windows installer problems, registry errors and viruses are only few of the many concerns faced when you use computer everyday.

Yet, while most of users delegate solving these problems to someone else, you can save a huge amount of time and money by doing so for yourself, and often just a little more skill than the ability to follow directions is required.

Our world is now fast-paced and electronic. Moments without your computer symbolizes lost revenue, missed opportunities or just plain boredom.

If this is the case, then why do so many of us turn over our computers to shops or spend valuable time on the phone with technical support at the first sign of trouble?

Many of the most common computer problems are fairly easily solved. They don’t require degrees in computer science or highly advanced computer skills, but instead call upon basic problem-solving and ability to follow directions.

In fact, technical support agents and repair shops are typically following scripts, or elaborate sets of instructions, when performing the many common repair tasks with which they are tasked daily.

So why suffer the moments without your computer and part with well-earned money when you can actually do many of these same tasks for yourself?

It will not only save time and money when you resolve your own computer issues. Your knowledge on how computers work will also increase, as well as boost your confidence in resolving future difficulties on your own.

Google and many other online search engines index numerous tips, posts, forums and other resources that can help solve just about any basic and intermediate issue, along with clearly-written directions.

Your computer will work at peek efficiency in no time with most of these tips. If there are some instances that you find yourself struggling with Windows Installer Problems, other weird behaviors or experiencing installation errors, here are a few guides that might just place you in the right way.

Ensure that the Installer service is enabled:

Windows Installer service can sometimes be disabled, either because of another application or through user. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the installer service is running.

Follow these steps to ensure that the Windows Installer service is up:

1. From the start menu, select “Run”.

2. Type “services.msc” and press enter.

3. If the value in the “Startup type:” field is set to “disabled,” change it to “manual.”

Empty system and user temporary folders:

Sometimes, temporary files left behind by broken installations can interfere with successful Windows Installer operation. In these instances, removing these files can usually resolve the issue in seconds.

Follow these steps to clear your user and system temporary folders.

1. Delete all files in C:temp.

2. Delete all files in C:\windows\temp.

3. Delete all files in C:\Documents and Settings\your username\temp.

In the above instructions, substitute whatever your system drive is in place of C: should they differ, and your username in for “your username” to find these folders.

Clear registry keys:

In some instances, broken installations leave behind registry entries that are either poorly formatted, or that prevent Installer from operating successfully.

If this is the case, clearing the following registry keys of all entries may help:

* HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\InProgress


Note that cleaning your registry is not something that should be undertaken lightly.

Lost keys which should be present, or an incorrect manner of formatting required keys, can at best introduce new and odd behaviors into your operating system. Worst comes when your operating system becomes non-functional which is rendered by a botched registry edit that requires a full re-installation.

Fortunately, as registry repair is a delicate task, many automated tools have been written which are capable of doing so safely, quickly and more thoroughly than you can achieve on your own.

Registry cleaning is a great preventative maintenance step. By visiting http://www.registry2aid.com, you can not only resolve some Windows Installer problems. You may also find that your computer runs much more quickly and smoothly than it has in a very long time.

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