Quick Weight Loss Tips That Don’t Involve Dieting

Losing weight quickly is easier said than done. Although eating less and working out more looks pretty simple, as a dieter you are always faced with the issue of either eating too little food and being haunted by sugar cravings and a small metabolic rate or working out like crazy only to witness hours later that your appetite is pushing you to consume all the calories you have ride your body of. If any of the above overview reminds you of you, then the following strategies acquired by professional dieticians can help you to lose that excess body fat quickly and easily without the need to go on a diet.

Eat soup before a meal – whether you’d prefer to do this before lunch or dinner time, research has shown that, drinking half a can of soup more than thirty minutes before your chosen meal can help you to suppress your appetite. The key is to eat it hot so you eat it slower as this will help your digestive system to digest it more efficiently – thus quickening your metabolic rate – and more importantly send signals to your brain saying you are full. As a note of caution, you should not eat creamy soup as this contains more calories.

Don’t eat right before you go to bed – there is more to losing weight than checking your calories in and calories out. The kind of foods you eat can also affect your size. Research by dietician Fugh-Berman references indicates that ingesting sugary dishes such ice cream up to 30 minutes before you fall asleep can decrease your calorie reduction and boost fat storage during the night.

Pretend you are from the city – it is a well-known belief that city dwellers are less heavy than those who don’t due to their regular levels of ‘accidentalwalking’. From walking a few streets to grab their lunch to running an errand, accidental walking can easily be incorporated into your routine and luckily for you barely feels like exercising.

You don’t have to live in the city either. Just make the conscious decision to always use the stairs while at home or at work. Another simple one is choosing to park a couple of streets from the mall so you have to walk each time you do your shopping. Or you could just clean your home more often and all these absent-minded exercises will lead to increased weight loss.

Eat chilli – if you enjoy eating chilli in your meals, then this strategy is a good one for you. Studies have unveiled that chilli has got appetite suppressant qualities that can help you to decrease your calorie intake. Try to incorporate up to a teaspoon – depending on your preferences – to your dishes.

Reduce your tea consumption – the beverages you consume can add 100+of of calories to your nutritional intake on a daily basis without you recognising it is happening. “A Starbucks Grande Caffe Mocha” for example contains more than 260 calories, so be aware of what you drink and keep this info mind when checking your calorie consumption.

Try a weight loss supplement- if you are looking for added help on your weight loss journey, then introducing a dietary supplement into your weight loss plan can help. Some supplements are known to bind with fat hence reducing your dietary fat intake whilst suppressing your food and sugar cravings.

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