Quick Restaurant Loans In A Slow Market

Many times the most tense part of running your own business is acquiring financing to maintain and sustain steady growth. This is even more valid when you are in the market for restaurant loans. There is a misconception that restaurants are more apt to fail than any other niche; a ten percent success rate is often reported.

The fact is that at the five-year mark restaurants have 40% success rates, nearly identical to most other forms of small business. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to get working capital, especially from normal sources such as the local bank lender.

Restaurant loans can also be obtained from merchant account vendors as a factoring agreement. These providers offer working choices that range from a few thousand dollars reaching to 250,000 dollars if needed. The business owner is effectively selling their future Visa/MasterCard receivables at a discount in order to get the money that are necessary right now.

The business cash advance is repaid through a credit card factoring based contract. A percentage of credit card receivables are paid back based on a “Daily Capture Rate” that is agreed upon prior to receiving the capital that means that on a bad business stretch of time the advance can still be paid without facing penalties.

When you operate a restaurant it can be difficult to forecast when you will need to have a certain amount of funds on hand. Start up capital can be more than planned on, and the first significant mistake can be a “make or break” event. Even if the business owner has stellar credit, it can take months for a bank loan to be approved; in the meantime, business continues to hurt.

Restaurant Cash Advance programs give a much needed, speedy solution for restaurants in need of working capital. Neither collateral nor years of documentation are necessary to qualify for restaurant loans when you work with a trustworthy financing agent.

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