Quick And Easy Steps To Making A Skimboard

Skim-boarding can be a very enjoyable activity. While you have the option of buying them, it is possible to make your own board. Making your own board can be a very fun project, even if you already own a skimboard.

The first step to creating a board is to figure out the dimensions you will need. You can do this in several ways. One great way could be to trace the pattern of a preexisting board onto a sheet of paper. You can use your own board if you already own one, or visiting a shop or website that specializes in selling this product to get the size and shape in your mind.

Once you have acquired your template, look for plywood that is going to match your needed size. Wood quality is vital. As such, try to buy or obtain a higher quality plywood. This is usually the overall better buy for this project type.

After you have all your necessary materials, transfer the patter directly to the plywood. After the pattern is there, remove the patterned wood from the sheet with a jigsaw. If you do not have one of these tools, you can go to a hardware store and often they will cut the piece for you.

Next trim down the wood’s edges with a router. In getting rid of this extra wood you are ensuring your board will work better. It will also be a lot more easy to use.

Next, make sure to sand down the front and back sides of the wood. Removing this abrasive material will make your board more efficient in the water. It will also be less damaging to your hands and skin while you use it.

After you have sanded the board, put a heavy and thick coating of lacquer that is waterproof on the wood. Sand it again, and then reapply the lacquer. Do this a minimum of three separate times, or until you think the board is finished to your sanctification.

Creating you own unique skimboard can be really fun. However, more than likely a commercial board will have a better appearance since it will probably be done by a professional. Even still, you can have multiple boards that are both homemade and bought.

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