Put Together A Website In Two Hours

There are many ways to build a website for free over the Internet. Search engines have templates that you can use, or there are other website sites that make them available for you at no charge at all.

If you do not mind using part of the search engine address as a part of your website address, then you can make as many sites as you wish. If you have a business, or you want your website to reflect only yourself, then you will need to pay for one to be hosted.

You can have personal websites about just yourself, or about your friends, or your family members. You can build sites about cats, dogs, chinchillas, or other animals that you are very knowledgeable about. Or maybe you just want a website that has your photography of landscapes. Or maybe you are an expert at certain Italian recipes. There are many ideas that will come to you once you starting putting one together.

You will have to choose a template from a selection given to you. There are different formats, and the one you choose will be based on your own taste. Then you will choose a color for your background, or maybe each page will have a different color. There are also patterned backgrounds provided. If you know how to code in html, you will be able to choose a blank page and work from there to create your website, also free of charge.

If a patterned background is chosen, you will want to be sure that it is not a very busy pattern, like a plaid, or one with very bright colors. Your text needs to be seen to be read. If your visitors cannot read it, they will probably leave your site quickly.

You will have the option of making a list of things when you build a website. You may want a list of recipes, for example. Then, you will have the opportunity to add a link to another page, so that your recipe can be seen when it is chosen and clicked on. And do not forget to include your email address. The template will also make it easy for you to do that, and you will want feedback from family and friends.

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