Put A Stop To Your Puppy Biting Problems

Even though most puppies love biting, it is important for puppies to be taught to change this negative habit. A lot of characteristics that you find cute in your puppy, such as jumping on you or nibbling on your arm, must be corrected before your dog gets too big.

Once a puppy is left in its natural environment she will understand to control her biting. The reason is if she bites too much, the mother or her siblings will correct the dog. Since puppies are removed from this natural environment, it is up to you the owner, to train your dog not to bite.

Allow your pup to play with other puppies so it understands what type of behavior is acceptable.

There are unique classes for pups sponsored by pet stores known as puppy playtime. There your puppy can socialize with other canines and humans. When your puppy plays too rough and bites too much, the other puppies will correct her.

You must always train your dog once it is stilll a puppy. This goes for biting training as well. You need to have your dog spend time with other dogs.

A dog that doesn’t have the experience of socializing with other types of dogs may be difficult to control. Try to socialize your dog in the first 12 weeks of its life. This is according to dog training experts.

The exact applies with training your dog to socialize with people, especially kids. Parents might not want their child exposed to a dog that is older and larger. It is best to allow your puppy to be taught how to behave with children when it is still young and less of a threat.

Letting the puppy be around numerous things and people is a good idea. Like being around adults of different races, children, other puppies, cats.

Getting your animal to spend time with other dogs and people is important to ensuring your puppy does not bite. Also, it will help if you provide your pet with toys to bite on. It gives your dog something to do and helps him to not bite things he should not.

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