Could You Have Psychic Powers?

Psychic powers have been a very understudied and mysterious subject. Some people who have true paranormal powers have superhuman like perception that other people are not aware of, see, or understand. There has been a considerable lack study and understanding about psychic powers, so it is not hard to see why many people are afraid of such talents and powers. There is only a small percentage of people who have a high level of psychic ability even most people have a small degree of psychic power.

The description for those who have psychic powers is by saying they have an extra “sense”. Instead of the normal five senses (taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing) there is an additional perception that allows a person to know or feel things that are not in our dimension.

Some people with psychic powers are able to sense future events before they happen; others have the gift of retrocognition (which means being able to look into the past and experience events that have already occurred); and still other psychically gifted people can see spirits, or other forms of energy that are invisible to the naked eyes of those around them.

Ancient civilizations saw these abilities for what they were. A lot of names has been give to the people who possesses psychic powers like fortuneteller, wise man, soothsayer, oracle reader, spiritualist, and mentalist. In fact, there have been myriads of pretenders to be truthful, and those people have added fuel to the fir of controversy.

There really isn’t a need for a person to pretend that they have psychic powers since each individual is born with a talent. Once the psychic powers become embraced, they can develop to become very strong and controlled. When an individual learns to tap into their psychic gifts, they will be able to use them whenever an urgent need arises.

If you are ready to begin this journey you must first learn how to meditate and balance your mind, emotions and spirit. People who have true psychic powers also have discharged any negative emotions and unwanted thoughts. They have discovered how to clear their minds in order to open up to the energy and emotions of all that is in the world around them, both seen and unseen.

If you start practicing your psychic powers daily with regular meditation, you will most likely see and feel the difference. Your inner potential will begin to surface and you will start to feel the most alive you have ever been before. The happiness, understanding and creativity of the world at large will at once start to take off.

A session of deep meditation needs to be scheduled at least once each day. You should spend 30-60 minutes in quiet, intense concentration to allow your body to release any negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. Select a place that speaks to your soul, soothes your mind, and is free from distractions. It can be a corner of a room in your home, a secluded section of a park or even a cave. The type of setting is not important as long as it provides you with security, peace and an opportunity to concentrate on only positive images and emotions without any interruptions.

As you begin, your meditation is sure to study the feelings and emotions that go through you. You must learn how to push out negative thoughts with the right concentration and correct breathing methods. Upon practicing these steps, you will be more away of natural vibrations and the types of energy that are in our world learning to tell them apart. Building up your psychic powers will depend entirely on your psychic power to connect with the energy that connects all life in the world together.

Just like anything you must practice your psychic powers to get them stronger. You may want to give tarot readings a try or even palmistry. Between your family and friends you will have more than enough people who would like to test you. Just keep in mind that the person you will be reading for must be open minded. Their degree of will helps keep the channels of psychic communication clear and will make it more easy to sense images or vibrations.

A good way to help develop your psychic abilities is to practice your talents and skills on a daily basis. You can practice meditating and hone your ability to see the energetic aura that surrounds each person. Soon you will find that you are able to discern the color and size of the aura without needing any intense concentration.

Growing your psychic powers will allow you to see things like illnesses in people that do not know they are even sick. You will be able to discern true intentions of people by simply looking at their aura. As your psychic powers continue to grow strong you will be able to catch glimpses of past, present, and even future events. At this point, you must work incredibly hard and develop your psychic powers even further so you can channel these abilities on command.

The psychic powers to speak with a “ghost” of a dead person has been talked about with curiosity, controversy and fascination over the many years. There are good reasons why younger children can speak with and see these so-called “spirits”.

Our psychic powers are naturally much stronger when we are children. We have not had lessons on how to fear and avoid the unknown. By tearing down the defenses built up in our minds we can communicate openly. Adults still have psychic powers but you must be retrained to not fear what your eyes or the eyes of others do not see.

You should always remember that the psychic powers are stronger in kids because they are the most open to ideas that they do not fully understand. Instead of blocking out a spiritual presence or a disembodied voice they will try to establish a connection, until adults interfere and begin to force them to erect defenses against the unknown.

You should take a lesson from kids and train yourself to have an open mind, free of pre-conceptions and inhibitions about both spirits and the unseen. If you can remove your fear and negative conditioning about ghosts and psychic talents then it will be much easier for you to reconnect with the life forces and energies that exist in the universe.

Having psychic abilities is a purely natural phenomenon. The only difference is the degree of intuitive perception that you are born with and how hard you work to develop these innate psychic powers. If you devote time and effort to strengthen and enrich your gifts it will give you the incredible opportunity to change the world around you.

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