Providing Free Product Samples As A Sales Advertising Technique

Sales promotion is a tricky business. Companies want to encourage reluctant consumers to try new products or to switch to their brand. One important tool to manage this is free product sample distribution. When free samples are distributed, a company makes a full- or trial-sized product available free of charge to consumers. They are able to try the product, then, without risk.

When samples are distributed, it is generally to accompany a new product launch. For other products, the manufacturer will distribute samples in order to increase market share. When samples are distributed, the product gets into the hands of more people. This is accomplished in many different ways.

Direct mail sampling is familiar to most consumers. In this sampling, free product samples are mailed directly to homes in a specific area that has been targeted based on demographic characteristics. Newspaper is also sometimes used to distribute a sample to a large number of people in a given area.

For a quicker turnaround and closer targeting, door-to-door sample delivery may be used. This can mean fewer samples delivered but it also saves on costs for postage and packaging.

Sometimes there are sample packs of one product packaged along with another item that is for sale. This method is often used in a high traffic area like a theater or a mall.

The most common means for sample distribution is in-store sampling. This is very simple. What happens in in-store sampling is that shoppers at a store are given free product samples.

Companies know that free sampling tends to increase impulse purchasing. Spending on making free samples available is often money well spent. Many companies even allow consumers to request samples on their website.

There are limited stocks of samples for free giveaways. Consumers who hope to get samples of products with coupons or via Internet request should try to do so as early as possible.

Whenever a company is not getting the appropriate amount of advertising or pr from ads alone, they may choose to distribute product samples. When people try a product, they are more likely to be willing to buy it because they know they like it.

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