Pros And Cons Of A Cat Sedative

If you are considering using a cat sedative for your cat it is important to know the pros and cons of using them. Once you are aware of these you can make a decision as to whether or not you wish to use one for your cat.

The main pro for using a cat sedative is that it will help calm an extremely anxious cat. Whether it is fireworks, thunderstorms or traveling that is causing the anxiety the right sedative can help calm your cat down. Over active cats may also be put on sedatives.

Some cat owners are against the use of cat sedatives under any circumstances, especially air travel. The main reason the sedatives are a potential problem for air travel is that they cause a reduction in blood pressure and body temperature.

Cargo cabins are typically fairly cool or cold so when you combine this with the lower blood pressure and body temperature a cat is more susceptible to hypothermia. Also, there is no one who can check on a cat when in a cargo area so they may not get the medical assistance they need.

If you are considering sedating your cat for air travel keep in mind that most cats will relax once they are in a carrying case in a dark environment. If you are unsure about how your cat will react in a carrying case, etc, you can do a dry-run in your own home.

If you are considering sedating your cat for other reasons it is important that you speak to your veterinarian and research the specific sedatives being considered. Every cat sedative will have different potential side effects so learn about the sedative being prescribed before you make the final decision of whether or not to use it.

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