What a difference being able to distinguish between notes perfectly has made in my music career. I couldn’t always do it and it took quite a bit of work but I found a system nearly any one can use, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist.

I never dreamed that it was a skill I could learn. I would often test their abilities by playing random notes, chords or intervals on the piano, and they could instantly and accurately identify them with no apparent effort!

As I mentioned I am completely elated to let you know I found a concrete step by step guide and method that any one can use to develop perfect pitch. And better yet, it actually works. I tried many other “useless” guides systems and gadgets with no luck, so I knew right away that I was on to the real deal. The basic premise is to tune your internal stable pitch (a base line from which you register the rest of the tones).

I simultaneously developed and used my relative pitch in conjunction with my budding absolute pitch to enable me to identify different pitches, at first using my anchor pitch as a reference. After only a couple of months I was able to easily identify any pitch or chord without reference to anything whatsoever; whether it was first thing in the morning, or after hearing (as one of my friends loves to do when testing me) a barrage of random notes bashed out on the piano.

I know I certainly treasure my new ability, and I still can hardly believe how easy it was to develop, once I found my secret weapon that is! I have a whole new level of appreciation for music and sound, and best of all my musicianship has grown exponentially as a result of my new ability to hear! I can’t imagine how I got by all those years without it, and I wonder how I could have ever missed all the different pitches in the first place – it all seems so obvious now.

I think they should take these methods to schools and music classes to give upcoming musicians a chance to jump start there pitch recognition. But until they do I an enjoying myself being on of the mysterious few that can distinguish the pitches.

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