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Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing call it what you choose, is a hot business in this rough economy. We live in a world with too many layoffs and no job security. Business close their doors almost every day. MLM offers an alternative way to earn income on the side with an affordable start-up fee and huge income possibilities, with little or no inventory requirements. It truly is the last bastion of free society. People with very diverse backgrounds earn incredible money in their own multi-level marketing businesses if they do it right. The key is that it has to be done right.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to success in network marketing is successfully attracting new distributors and repeat customers. I have been doing this business for more than 28 years. Luckily for me, a mentor taught me early on to generate leads or people willing to check out my deal. This was better than chasing after friends and family. I had people coming to me and I just returned calls and directed them to a presentation. This sure beat the process of begging people to come to a hotel meeting. Who likes meetings? Before I learned all this, I actually quit doing network marketing and swore to never return. It is frustrating the old way. Don’t you agree?

In this business, if you can build a list of people who are open to hearing from you, you can then contact that list and invite them to preview your MLM opportunity. Once I mastered this skill, I was well on my way to success.

I started attracting successful people left and right. I went on to reach the top ten distributor list in that company and made it onto their prestigious Million Dollar Earner Club. I got to know all of the top distributors and learned that they all had built their empire in different ways, but many of them had a system in place that delivered interested prospects to them each and every week. This approach was like shooting fish in a bucket. No more begging people to come to a meeting… no more cold calling… no more buying and calling cold leads… no more frustration and failure. I would like to teach you how to duplicate my success if you will allow me.

Folks, here is the bottom line. You need to have a system in place to attract people to you instead of you soliciting them. When they come to you, it is a totally different deal. Your posture totally changes. You are in control, introducing them to something that they have already established they are interested in.

Want to take it to the next level? Take 5 to 7 smart teammates under your wing and teach them these success strategies. You will be surprised how quickly your business grows. You will enjoy great income and real time freedom. This is what doing MLM successfully can offer.

Now there are many software programs out there that you can use to build a list, establish credibility with that list by introducing them to tools they can use to better build their businesses and possibly introduce them to your primary opportunity. People want to follow leaders who provide value and education to their teams. You will be that leader. Many of these programs help you sell affiliate courses or software programs to help MLM distributors to better automate their businesses.

This is the gist or the basic idea. Some people call it attraction marketing, because you are attracting people on to your list, they like what you shared with them and are then open minded when you approach them in the future about other things, like your MLM for instance. You then build your list bigger and bigger creating a large ever growing list of potential team mates. You now have an audience…a group of interested, open minded prospects. Isn’t that better then begging people to come to a meeting?

Do your due diligence. Search online for Network Marketing Sales Funnels or Software. Many companies now offer programs like this for between $25 and $125 per month. They give you the ability to point and click and put together nice, professional Lead Capture Pages to present your business and collect contact information from interested prospects who arrive at your pages. They also have indepth video training and weekly calls to help you learn how to better market your business online in today’s environment.

Next I will share ideas on how to build the amount of visitors you get to your web sites, but check out some of the tools you can add to your business toolbox to better market your business on the internet. Some are better than others.

I actually had my own system developed and share my system with my MLM team and am more than happy to share it with my readers as well. I like it because it is the most comprehensive I have been able to find. Most of it is already set up, the training is in the form of brief but detailed video tutorials and weekly webinars, and it allows you to create a unique image of you and your business, build credibility and attract sharp people to introduce to your MLM team.

The sky is the limit! What if you were able to effectively generate 20 to 120 qualified leads each week or even each day. These would be people who arrived at your site and asked you to contact them with more information about you and your business. Do you think you could build your downline faster? Stop struggling in your network marketing biz and utilize cutting edge strategies and attraction marketing. You will be glad you did.

Feel free to visit my web site to learn more about the system I use, called The Mentored Mind.

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