Our society depends on quick and reliable internet. While wireless routers provide a great service, there are problems that can arise. With a little knowledge, you will know what to look for and how to fix these issues.

One of the biggest problems people encounter is slow connection. Before you dive into fixing it, check your main internet service to be sure there are no problems there. Once you have confirmed the problem is originating from your router there are a couple solutions you can try.

Intimidating as it may be, updating your firmware may speed up your connection. There are many places online that will give you an easy guide on what to do. Another reason for slow connection can be a bandwidth overload. This may be caused by larger electronics in your home. Try unplugging them to see if it speeds things up.

Gamers find problems with poor connections as well. The most common solution for this is a new router or adapter made specifically for gaming. If you still have problems, you might just need to find a quicker internet service.

A forgotten password can be frustrating but luckily there is a quick fix. Somewhere on your device is a reset button. Sometimes it is not labeled but it will be a depressed button usually on the back or bottom. You will usually need a small point to be able to press this button. In your manual it will give you more details or a call to the company will usually get you the information you need.

Some people are concerned with the amount of electricity the router uses. It runs all day and night and sometimes this may seem wasteful. While it doesn’t require much energy, you can purchase an energy saving device to help with this.

An annoyance that is hard to overcome is a dead spot in your internet connection. There may be a certain spot in your house where you just can’t seem to get a good connection. One way to help this is to update your wireless equipment. An 802.11n is the most updated version and while testing is still being done, you can still buy it and update your firmware later when the kinks are all worked out.

Problems with your wireless routers can cause a lot of grief whether you are running a business or just browsing from home. Most problems can be easily fixed but there are some that are unavoidable. Understanding your wireless devices can really benefit you when these problems do arise.

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