Problems With Dating On-line

In most cases dating problems occur because either the two of you are not similar in temperament or you are not communicating enough. Other problems may be because the two of you just are not right for each other.

Communication, which involves e-mail exchange and instant messaging, is the most important thing when you are dating on-line. Most dating problems occur because the two of you are having difficulty expressing your feelings or you aren’t being clear about what you want.

When you both communicate with each other properly it is clear to both of you to a large extent if you are compatible and have the same likes and dislikes.

You cannot force a relationship if the two of you are too different or you have different goals for the relationship. This is so because love is emotional. It is not a physical attribute. It is only manifested physically. It cannot be forced on another person.

It is important, to prevent future problems, to communicate about what you need and want from your relationship so you both are fulfilled and you are not having disagreements about things. In order that you will not waste much energy and time on someone that will prove later on not to be compatible with you this is better done at the early dating stage.

Another factor that can cause problems with dating on-line is if the two of you are not compatible. Communicating properly will tell you if you are like-minded or not.

Compatibility can be difficult if one person in the dating relationship is in need more than the other person especially in the area of communication and sex. If one of the people wants their space and the other is very needy or possessive then it can make it difficult for dating on-line.

Dating on-line problems arise when communication proficiencies are not balanced. You have to be at ease with the person you are with so you can talk to them.

Being comfortable and being able to communicate will show you how compatible the two of you are. If you don’t have these two things then you should foresee some future matrimonial problems; and might then just think about no more than a good friendship.

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