Considering the high price of Realtors you may have the ambition and willingness to save motivate you to sell your own home. 1.5 million people decided to go agent-free and sell there homes on their own last year.

Consider it if you have experience and have sold property many times, but for a beginner the use of a Realtor is the best option. Showing the property and answering phone calls are the extra things you should be doing on top of the usual house cleaning and house preparing. It may also take longer to sell because lots of buyers prefer to work with Realtors rather than go private.

If you decide to take on the task, there are numerous chores beginning with how to market your home.

Beginning your process by determining the price is something that you may do. Research into similar properties in similar areas will be needed since you have no Realtor. Putting a for sale sign in the front yard is the fist step but much more will be needed in order to market your home to more than the people that pass by your home.

One of the first things you may want to do before pursuing any marketing is make digital photographs of the exterior and interior of your home. You may also want photos of special features like a pool, deck, hot tub or patio that will make the home more attractive to buyers.Photos that make your home more appealing to buyers will be needed, things like hot tubs and porches should be taken. An expensive camera will not be needed a simple point and shoot camera can fulfill this task. While you will not need these photos for every option, it is good to have them available.

Begin to market your home is a local newspaper or real estate guide so that people from all over can see it, especially if you area is not a popular buying area at the moment. Firms are the focus of real estate guides although they can offer you a larger ad where you can put up more photos and information about your home. These may be more expensive that newspaper ads, but are targeted at people who are looking for homes.

The Internet is also a popular marketing tool and for people looking to relocate may be the most successful. You do not need big money or have to be a huge real estate company to market on the internet. There are sites hat let you advertise for free or charge a small fee and concentrate on the “for sale by owner” market and offer a comprehensive listing too.

An attorney will need to be found to help fill out the proper legal forms and is usually paid for by the buyer when a buyer has been chosen for your home.

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