You are at one friend’s party. The music is music that you have heard plenty of times before. It is going up the charts, and every pop and alternative station is playing it nonstop. Some people are dancing, but a lot of people are still sitting staring off into space or are talking quietly. Those who are dancing are being a bit awkward, as the music isn’t exactly dance music. No one is all that into it, as they have heard it all before. It is the usual music: it is no private party band.

Now you are at another friend’s party. Just about everyone is dancing, and they seem to be having a great time. You are among them, and you feel full of energy and happiness. The music is real – you have never heard it before. Real people are singing out to you, and real instruments are being played by real people not twenty feet from you. You are enjoying the intimacy and vibrancy of a live band.

Live bands are great for parties, weddings, office functions, etc. Because they are full of life. When people hear live music, played soulfully by people who love music, they often react better to it. It is often more enjoyable to dance to music that is being played in front of oneself than it is to dance to music that comes out of some speakers.

Old chart toppers can be enjoyable, but they can also get annoying. For example, someone hears all of the same songs at two different weddings, the occasion may not seem as special. Because no one has ever played exactly like the band has at any given moment, you get a truly special experience.

Live bands may either be original or they may play other people’s music. Some do both. But when it is your wedding or party you can choose exactly what type of music you want – be it pop or swing. If you have a band rather than a DJ, you can have more control over the type of music played at your party. For instance, if you hire a swing band for dancing, no one will be able to request that new pop dance hit.

Live bands are, by definition, made up of live people, so they can interact with the audience. Some bands encourage audience members to participate, and can joke around with them. DJs can possibly do this, but generally they tend to stay off on the sidelines.

Bands are also great to hire because hiring them means supporting several people. You may also be supporting their dream to “make it big.” Even if their dreams are small, you have supported them in their endeavors.

Private bands are great for all of these reasons. They can be costly at times, and they are not perfect for every single party. However, if the setting is right they can give your energy much more party, and improve the experience of the party guests. They can also make your party more unique and memorable.

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