Private Detective: A Visit To Mars

Modern private detective concepts were generally influenced by Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, and Chandler to name a few. Now with the appropriate technology, the stakes and adventures are higher; the affairs are timeless; but the sense stays the same. Private detectives are still those individuals who are compensated for finding and gathering facts. Yet contemporary counterparts of Sherlock Holmes can now utilize GPS tracking devices and small implantable video cameras behind glasses.

In high school fantasy, there is Veronica Mars. A small-time fictional 17-year-old private detective made by Rob Thomas (an American author, producer and screenwriter) who works for her father. Her father is an recognized private detective who was the town’s ex- sheriff.

As all detectives have inherent, she is curious and charming. A distinct private detective, she even produce her father problems of her investigating the town’s dubious corners. Evidently, she is the school’s pick to solve teenage crisis – computer hacking, drug deals, etc. although she is socially separated despite her past popular clique with her best friend, Lily (who was murdered).

Months after the murder, she went into a party unknowingly been drunken by fellow classmates, and then woke up to find out that she was raped. This was a life-turning event. Yeah, this was surely an adequate ground for the curiosity at large to surface, making her feel despised and disgusted with her fellow high school’s bad and corrupt ways.

Once popular now an amateur private detective, she now pursues and diverts her energy to work out local quandaries. Along her journey towards solving the murder of her best friend, she reveals secrets of deception. She slowly carries her self-worth with pride to raise her stand. She gradually solves her best friend’s case with even threatening her own mortality if it weren’t for her father’s aid. After solving her best friend’s case, she advanced on figuring out her own demise as she discovered who she was with that night. An endless qualm of her ex-boyfriend’s sudden separation, she cracked the enigma on her own with some stunning conclusion.

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