Prevention Of Stretch Marks Easier Than Treating Them

A line of stretch marks on your belly is a put off. Many women are not comfortable even in the presence of their loved ones. Imagine their plight when they are on a beach with friends and in clothing that reveals stretch marks? It is a cause of discomfort and embarrassment.

Stretch marks are essentially scars that commonly caused due to excessive stretching of the skin, when the underlying tissue grows. The skin when it heals undergoes scarring. Women most commonly get them during pregnancy. For men it can appear during muscle building or when they put on weight rapidly.

Since they are scars, they are not easy to treat. It has spawned plethora of guides suggesting home remedies which only claim to work. Even if they do, they take a lot of time. Preventing them from appearing is better than getting rid of them. But stretch marks during pregnancy are inevitable.

That said, it is possible to prevent them quite successfully. Stretch mark prevention creams are used for this purpose. They also work on marks that are already there but take a very long time to show results. However using them before they appear i.e. as stomach gets bigger, can be more beneficial.

Stretch mark prevention creams have all the ingredients which will help to improve the production of collagen and elastin fibers. These protein complexes are building blocks of the skin and give it strength and elastic properties. The presence of Vitamin A helps keep the skin firm, healthy and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Surgery is an instant solution but it has side effects and it is expensive. Many women would not want to undergo a surgery soon after pregnancy. Using stretch mark prevention creams causes no problems as they are topical.

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