Preserving The Freshness Of Cut Flowers

Floral bouquets and other arrangements often have a special significance for us who are the recipients. It is no surprise, then, that a lot of folks would wish these blooms could last for a long time on the night table. A florist would have knowledge of how to keep the blooms fresh for a long time. So, here are a number of pointers from a florist on how ordinary folks can extend the shelf life (or bedside table life) of the special floral arrangement that we received from a special someone.


Aspirin, which has been touted to treat minor body pains and inflammations, is utilized by a florist to retain the freshness of cut blooms. Crush three tablets of aspirin and put this in a vase with water. Place the flowers in. The acidic nature of aspirin stops bacteria from flourishing in the water. If bacteria cannot grow in the water, the flowers’ stems will not disintegrate quickly; thus, the blossoms will remain fresh for a longer time.


Placing sugar in a vase full of water promotes fresh cut blooms to undergo photosynthesis. Owing to this, the flowers will keep their freshness for a longer time. The potency of sugar as a “preservative” for cut blooms has been proven in various controlled studies.

Frequently Replacing The Water

We usually see a diligent florist regularly replacing the water in his or her flower pails. Bacteria are pinpointed to be the main cause of decomposition of organic things – including blooms. So, bacterial growth in the water hastens the premature withering of the blooms. We can avoid this by changing the water in our vases every two days.

Avoiding Exposure To Extremes Of Temperature

Cut flowers are very vulnerable to the elements, especially to extreme sunlight and extreme cold. Notice that a hardworking florist has special window shades in the shop to keep the sun’s rays out and away from the delicate blooms. When you have a nice floral arrangement, place it somewhere far away from the sun’s rays or from extremely cold temperatures, as the blossoms would surely droop and darken if exposed to any of these.

Use Hairspray

If you are seeking a way to preserve your bouquet for a very long time, a florist could suggest bringing out hairspray. Here’s how it’s accomplished: Spray a liberal but even coating on the entire arrangement, making sure to include the undersides of the flowers and leaves. Hairspray not only works very well in preserving your hairstyle, it can also preserve the freshness of your floral arrangement.

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