Presenting Collar Pins As Corporate Gifts Can Be A Smart Marketing Tactic

Presenting a corporate gift is a step towards creating brand awareness and is an essential part of any company strategy. It plays a multi-purpose role in an organization and that is why it is so important to pick the right gift.

Collar Pins, by virtue of their variety in terms of colour and design, apart from being appealing, suit the role ideally. New design technologies in collar pins further add to the versatility of these pins as they can even have an organization’s name engraved on them. They can also be printed with the tagline of the company or can be shaped like a specific product to make them more applicable.

It is their sheer variety that makes collar pins sought after as a corporate gift for both employees and clients. They make employees appreciate that they are valued by the management, while the clients feel associated with the service provider, and hence they generate the loyalty of these two key groups of people.

Budget is another factor that determines the selection of a corporate gift. The basic value of collar pins as impactful gift items is much higher than their market price, thus money spent on them is always worth the money. The usefulness and functionality of collar pins make sure that they are happily sported by people on different occasions and are not just kept at one place for decorative purposes. As they can be put on daily when going to work, they are observed by several people and therefore the brand’s promotion also takes place effectively.

However, organizations should take into account some vital aspects before deciding to give away collar pins as corporate gifts. Most importantly, they should be robust enough to survive daily use.

Next, the styling of collar pins should be appealing enough to entice the recipients to wear them regularly. Use of a lot of colours and absence of balance in design of the pin might have an adverse impact on people, and hence they must be avoided. In addition, during the design process, collar pins must be made as easy to use as possible so that the owner faces no difficulty in wearing them.

Corporate gifts are an effective way for a business to extend its presence among its target audience, as such gifts have great exposure and circulation among the public. Collar pins perfectly fit such requirements. They are a time-tested promotion medium and have been successfully used by organizations for ages. Companies that have not yet tried collar pins as corporate gifts must wake up to the immense potential of this tool in developing an effective brand identity.

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