Preciseness In Architectural Model Making Is Not Always Fulfilled In 3D Software

Accuracy in architectural model making most certainly requires the use of tactile and physical materials. A scale model is meant to represent a precise, but smaller construction of the intended design. This is the traditional way of presenting an architectural idea for financial backing.

In sales presentations people what to see a realistic interpretation of what they are investing in. Certain visual aspects of a project can only be revealed when incorporating such aspects as texture and coloration. As architecture is and remains an art form, appealing to the senses of potential backers in the most effective way is guaranteed to get the better results.

There are features that 3D models can deliver that traditional methods cannot. This cutting edge form of model making allows for the incorporation of pertinent project data without having to create a secondary, side report. With this inclusion these models are able to present valuable project facts with minimal resources.

There is far less concern for the delicate nature of model making materials when creating a software model. The complications of achieving desired lighting effects are nearly obsolete as this can be more easily accomplished using the cutting edge technology that 3D software represents. Software can also provide less costly, and more durable results.

What software models lack however, is a physical ground for accuracy. The first and major inaccuracy in this method of presentation is the lack of an actual 3D image. In spite of being at the cutting edge of design technology, the end result is a model that is presented in two dimensional images.

Another major loss is the ability for designers of different trades to come together during the formative stages of the design process. For many years the traditional model has been the round table at which various individuals working within the project can come together to discuss design issues and implement working solutions. Software negates even this important process, further compromising accuracy in architectural models.[I:]

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