Pre IPO Investments: Stay Away From The Scams

Pre IPO Investments: How To Stay Away From the Scams The IPO industry is vast and global while simultaneously incestuous and small. There are a lot of bottom feeders in this industry who are willing to take advantage of investors who want to get involved in the almighty ‘pre ipo’ investments and there are many predators that will demand fees for such a service. To steer clear of these predatory ‘wannabe’ consultants here is all you have to do to get directly to the source.

First of all never and I mean never pay a fee to a ‘consultant’ to get involved with Pre IPOs or any IPO venture. Don’t pay finders as if you do this you will surely be disappointed being that these ‘consultants’ have no skin or authority in the deal and will only turn off legitimate IPO facilitators who shy away from the daisy chain, he said, she said dead-end of the broker black hole.

Forget these middlemen. Go directly to the source and. Our company is a full service IPO facilitator which means we take companies public globally on multiple exchanges. We only allow investors to come direct or through their stock broker, we never deal with any other middle men.

A client can simply come directly to our website and contact us directly and after hearing about their goals and ambitions we will be able to refer them to a company who is going public. It’s that simple. If you have money to invest, take the next natural step and skip the middleman chain and go right to the consultants who can help you get plugged directly into a real, viable, IPO project. We just as any other legitimate consulting firm never charge investors an upfront fee or even a percentage of their investment amount or profits from the deal.

By helping an investor get involved with an IPO that we are working on we are helping the investor and our corporate client so it’s a win/win for everyone. Stay away from fee based IPO investment schemes. Things are never what they seem and things always end badly.

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