Practical Wedding Favors!

We all want our wedding day remembered by our guests and one sure way to do this is by arranging to have practical wedding favors organized. The reason you may want to do this is simple; inexpensive wedding favors or simple ones tend to be either used on the day or discarded fairly soon after the wedding.

You also want your guests to appreciate the wedding favors as well which is not likely to happen if you decided to choose the easy wedding favors option as many do. Ok, so they will not have the immediate joy that candy wedding favors brings but the candy will be eaten on the day and forgotten about the next so practical gifts will keep the memory going.

One practical suggestion is coasters which are easily obtainable in a number of shapes, including the romantic heart shape but can also be designed to have your wedding theme imprinted. Heart shaped coasters will be ideal because they are romantic and convey the sentiment of love but they are also something your guests can really use. Special images of the themed wedding can easily be placed on the coasters but it is just as easy to only place one image on the coasters and leave the rest blank so each guest can place their favorites on them when they are ready.

An unusual practical wedding favor is something like a key chain which is used everyday and not just occasionally. This may prove to be a compromise as to be used every day they will need to be strong but also be memorable enough so that everyone will instantly recognize where they received them.

Many people decide on the simple idea of giving candles which are easily obtainable and whether you give a church style chunky candle or a dainty tea light with holder, they are practical wedding favors many people will definitely use. Although candles are rarely used nowadays because they have to be, the light from them is still pleasing and it has become fashionable once again to use them and turn the main lights off to provide a wonderful atmosphere. You can almost guarantee that these will be wedding favors that people will find practical and use whether it is because of a power outage or they just like seeing the natural glow of a candle.

A small but romantic practical wedding favor comes in the form of a wine charm which tends to be used more at weddings so can be found with a wedding bell or heart shape quite easily. They are also a very practical favor idea because many people will not have this type of item but can really use a set of small charms which can be placed on the wine glass to distinguish one glass from another. These are the type of wedding favors that can actually be used at the wedding as well as it is easy to mislay your drink when there are so many other guests around.

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