More than the last decade of becoming a expert home-based networker, when somebody asks me, “John, what may be the #1 reason why people fail in their personal network marketing business?” I say with 110% confidence it’s simply because they customize their presentations assuming what each person prospect will discover fascinating. This mindset will definitely set you up for failure!

The key to success may be the energy of duplication — displaying exactly the same presentation more than and over. You need to be presenting the whole business from A-Z to each and every 1 of the prospects because you have no concept what is going on inside them as you share the company. You have to display your business exactly exactly the same way each time you present your program for two primary factors:

Reason #1 is you will be 100% full of self-confidence & conviction knowing what you are heading to say because you’ve presented the entire plan from A-Z numerous times exactly the same EXACT WAY. Repetition is the mother of skill. Your nervousness will also decrease, because you will become confident in your presentation.

Reason #2 is because I can almost guarantee you that when you begin to put this into practice you’ll have your prospects respond to aspects of the company that you would have assumed they would not have been interested in before. You will see your company explode within a short period of time. Just imagine everyone in your network internalizing this mindset and fully understanding the energy of an A-Z presentation. The leadership abilities within them will skyrocket, which in turn will create momentum in your company.

Momentum is a force that you will not be able to control; it is also the key to unprecedented growth in your business. Leadership is earned by people who deserve it and you will project leadership when you present with the “Power of A-Z”. Always remember, it is just a matter of time before you hit your target when you keep aiming for it!

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